Saturday, 1 September 2012

Worth the hype? Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara

Hey Guys,
They're Real mascara, £18.50 from Boots

The mascara wand. The bristles are plastic and there are
some on the tip of the brush which is very handy.
I have been dying to try this mascara for ages now after seeing it in so many magazines and YouTube reviews and so picked up a tube on my last visit to town. The box comes with a little instruction leaflet which states that '94% saw dramatic length and volume, 90% saw base-to-tip curl, 94% saw visible lift and 100% saw long lasting results.'. In Boots I picked up a box which came with the standard sized mascara ad a free travel sized mascara all for £18.50.

The way the leaflet tells to apply it is to position the wand horizontally and wiggle from side to side base to tip to achieve maximum volume, length and lift. It then states to hold it vertically and stroke upwards to curl and separate.

I decided to take some pictures (in very crappy quality, sorry) of the Benefit mascara on one eye and none on the other and then the Benefit on one eye and a high street curling mascara on the other :)...Read on to find out how they compare.

1. They're Real V. No mascara
The picture on the left is my usual eye make up but with no mascara, on the right pic i'm wearing Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara. My eyelashes are really blonde so the Benefit mascara obviously makes them look longer and thicker. They were a lot more separated, defined and 'fanned out' compared to wearing no mascara. I found They're Real to be kinda clumpy, more so than Benefit's 'BAD gal lash' although the bristles on the end on the brush are very handy for getting the really fine lashes on the outside and inside corners.

2. They're Real V. 17 Wild Curls Mascara (High street/ Drug store)

On these pictures i'm wearing the 17 Wild Curls mascara on the left pictures and Benefit They're Real on the right. I was surprised at the fact that the 17 mascara seemed to separate my lashed much better than the Benefit one, however They're Real did most certainly make my lashes more dramatic. After having had this on for a few hours the Benefit mascara is definitely lasting longer. The 17 mascara has started to wear off making my lashes look shorter and less defined, where as the Benefit mascara is still sanding strong and looks a lot more fluttery and pretty (see the picture below).

My computer flipped the picture because it's on this picture the
Benefit mascara is on the left and the 17 mascara on the right. 
Does it do what it says?

Benefit 'They're Real' claims to...
~Produce dramatic volume and length- It really does do this although It can get a little clumpy so keep an eyelash comb at hand.
~Base to tip curl- My lashes certainly looked more curled although I curled them before hand so the mascara may just hold the curl better, although after about 5 hours they are still curled.
~Visible lift- There is lift although again I'm not sure if it just holds the lift better, never the less, my lashes certainly are lifted.
~Long lasting results- This is absolutely true, the mascara still looks the same as when I applied it.

I give Benefit's mascara an 8/10 and a giant thumbs up. I thoroughly recommend it :)

Thanks for reading :) 

Lots of Love, Lucy xx


  1. I think the Benefit mascara looks great!! I've been wanting to try it for ages! :)

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  2. I love that mascara it's fab !!! nice blog :)