Monday, 10 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge | Day two

Day Two- Nine loves

1. My family and friends- I'm sure everyone says this but I really would be lost without my family and friends. Plus they all pretty much merge into one, like my mum is my best friend and my best friends feel like family.

2. Liam my boyfriend- I don't like PDAs but it's truee. He's a bit of a dork just like me and sometimes we do stuff and say if anyone could see us they'd think we were so wierd (we did a 'who can lean the farthest forward without falling over' contest the other day....enough said.)

3. Shopping- I shop way too much but I love the buzz it gives you when you get home and look through the amazing new things you've bought. I sometimes think i'm a bit of a shopaholic but money burns holes in my pockets and any money I get for Birthdays or Christmas never stays in my account long. I love clothes and make up and bags and shoes, which is good when you're writing a make up/fashion/lifestyle blog I suppose.

4. Magazines- I'm a right sucker for magazines and I always have been. I like that you can shop without shopping, if you get what I mean. It gives you ideas of seasonal trends and ideas of things to buy, it's kind of like a blog in paper form. I used to always get Twinkle (anyone remember that?) when I was little, then magazines like Sugar and bliss when I was a bit older and now i'm onto Elle and Vogue and Company and More and and Glamour and Gracia and cosmopolitan and....

5. Skinny Jeans- I do love my skinny jeans. I can remember when I got my first pair when I was like ten from the kids part of New Look because my older brother had some and I always copied him like the little sheep I was. Since then i've never gone back to flares but the ones I get are a little more expensive now.

6. Tea-  I drink tea like there's no tomorrow. I probably drink more tea than anything else and at least one every hour (i'm drinking one as I type this). There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a winters day, or a glass of iced tea in the summer. Mmmmmm tea!

7. Music- Music has always been a mahoosive part of my life. I love how you can listen to a song and memories come flooding back. Or how it can make you happy or relaxed and how some songs can describe exactly how you feel. I took music for GCSE as well as Performing Arts, so reading music, writing compositions, playing piano and singing was all a bit part of high school for me. I feel lost without my ipod or the radio.

8. Uni- I hated Uni at first, I stayed at home because I can get propper home sick. I almost went to a Uni about an hour away from home, but at the last minute I decided to go to the one in my city. However, I've made some rather good friends including my boyfriend who I met there. I now pretty much live at his house and I wouldn't change a minute of Uni life, I can already tell it's going to be one of the best experiences of my life.

9. Last but certainly not least, blogging- You know those stats like 'You spend 20 years of your life on the toilet' or whatever...mine is more than likely 'you spend 90% of your life thinking about or actually writing on your blog'. I only started doing this at the beginning of July but I love it! I love reading other blogs and also the buzz you get when you look at someone else has subscribed or commented :)

Anyway guys, hope you're all having a fab Monday, only 4 days left till the weekend yay! haha

thanks for reading :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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