Sunday, 2 September 2012

Monthly Favourites | August

Hey Guys,

I feel everyone says this but seriously...where did that month go? I feel more like i'm flipping my calender over every fortnight now instead of every month. Never the less, it's time again for monthly favourites 
Woop Woop!!...

Aussie Miracle hair insurance - This month i've been loving Aussie's miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner. I've been using this for a few months now but have really started to notice my hair getting tonnes softer these past few weeks. It smells like bubblegum to me (if anyone ever had Spaghett smells exactly like that). It has Jojoba oil in it which helps to untangle and protect your hair. It isn't a heat defense spray so you still have to use one of those along with it, but this most certainly is a great addition. I have very fine hair and this doesn't leave it greasy or feeling heavy, which is a bonus.

CKIN2U - this scent by Calvin Klein has been my summer smell and I just love it. describes the scents as....
"CKIN2U for her is spontaneous and seductive. It opens with a burst of pink grapefruit fizz, tart red currant leaves and zesty sicilian bergamot. The heart produces a surge of mouth watering sugar orchid that mingles with the hypnotic nectar of the white Cactus. The fragrance is lit from within as warm neon Amber floods throughout, while the base notes are flush with the seductive scents of luscious Vanilla soufflé and smoldering red Cedar."
Which puts it pretty well I think. It really is, it's a beautiful scent and I get tonnes of compliments on it, it's also very affordable being £24.56 for 100ml from Boots, check it out HERE.

Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba - This colour is gorgeous, I wish i'd have found it sooner as i would probably have worn it all spring and summer. It's a real lovely pastel peach, meaning that it's very wearable but still colourful and pretty. I'm going to wear this in Autumn still...i'll think up some excuse.

Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Ice Cream  -  This is a very pale pastel pink. It is again super pretty and the name makes me want to eat it (I won't, don't worry). I love Barry M nail varnishes in general, they are only around £3 but they are very long lasting. I painted my nails with the Peach Melba about 3 days ago (without using a top coat) and there are absolutely no chips so far. Fabulous!

Me Me Me Blush me - I brought this boxed blush as I was longing for the Benefit boxed blush in 'Coralista', and then came across this little beauty for a fraction of the price (£8). I was looking for a good coral blusher anyway and this one ticks all the boxes. It's a gorgeous coral colour which is slightly shimmery. It comes with a flat square brush which is surprisingly soft, there is also a mirror in the lid, something which, I believe, the Benefit blushers do not have. 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - I picked this up in Rendezvous a few weeks ago and have fallen in love to be quite honest. It's not the most moisturising of all lip balms but the pigmentation is great and lasts quite some time regarding you don't drink or eat...but even then my lips still have a hint of the colour. And it tastes minty. I've done a full review on this so click HERE if you want to know more. 

Revlon Lip Butter - I have like 6 or 7 of the lip butters and I love them...when they were on offer I picked one up every time I was in town. My favourites so far are Sweet Tart which is a bright pink, Tutti Frutti an orangey coral (the same as Rendezvous above) and peach parfait (the one in the picture) which I have been reaching for most this month, this is a darker, pinky almost red peach which gold shimmer. 

MUA lipstick - I am a massive fan on MUA, especially their lipsicks, they're more like lip butters than lipsticks. They are super moisturising and some are quite sheer although others such as the red and a light coral are opaque. The biggest selling point is that they are only £1!!!! I can literally not say one bad thing about these lipsticks. The one i've been loving in August is shade 11. It's pretty similar to the Revlon Peach Parfait lip butter, but it has no shimmer. It is pretty much my lip colour, but better. My face doesn't seem to suit bright reds and pinks but this colour along with coral and peach ones look great. I thoroughly recommend these!

This picture will not rotate no matter how much I try and what I do, so apologies for that.

Benefit BADgal lash - I have been loving this mascara in August. the brush is super big meaning it created a lot of volume, something my lashes need because they're blonde. I got it in a travel size which has been very handy travelling around this summer. The mascara is very long wearing and just generally amazing. I'll have to see if I love Benefit's 'They're Real' as much as I love this one.

MUA Eyeshadow Pallet in 'Undressed' - Undressed is one of MUA's latest eyeshadow pallets. MUA eyeshadows are pretty well known now as being amazingly pigmented and great value for money. I went onto the website purposely to buy this and found that it had a pound knocked off so it was just £3. This pallet is supposedly a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked2 pallet. It contains a mixture of matte, pearly and shimmery eyeshadows and they're all pretty nude colours although there are two sort of grey/blue colours. You can make a number of different looks from this pallet from just simple nude shimmery eyes to full on smokey eyes. LOVE IT!

MUA eyeliner pencil in 'Rich Brown' - I hadn't given these much of a try before but I had a brown eyeliner from Collection 2000 which wasn't very soft and tugged at my eyes so I got this thinking "well it's only a pound i'll give it a try". I really love this eyeliner. It glides on very well without tugging at my eyes, the pigmentation is also amazing compared to my ones from brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline. It contains cocoa butter and bees wax and the lid is a sharpner which is very handy. The only downfall of this eyeliner is that it's staying power isn't very great especially on the waterline, for £1 though it's worth it.

MUA professional eye primer - I didn't have very high expectations of this considering it's only £4 but i was very pleasantly surprised. I did some swatches of eyeshadows on my arm over the primer and then some without to see how well it actually did. you can see the results below. On the top line I used no primer and used primer on the bottom. The second picture doesn't do it justice but the other lighter colours were also visible, but you can see even from the blue how drastic the difference is.  

It obviously isn't as good as  high end primers, but if you're on a budget then I really do recommend this. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR -  I got this in 'on and on bronze' because i'm loving bronze eye shadows atm and wanted a cream shadow. I'd heard good things about this so gave it a try and I love it. The colour is lovely and it stays on my eyelids for quite some time. If I put a swatch onto my hand and rub at it, it fades but doesn't come off completely. I can see this lasting me quite some time and it was only £4.99 so i've been using it a lot this month :)

That is it :) Thank you sooo much for reading and let me know if you've been loving any of the things i've talked about :)

Lots of Love, Lucy xx


  1. blush me is such a good dupe of benefit's isn't it? fab favs! i love this kind of post xx

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