Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY | Lip Scrub

Hey guys :)

So The Lush lip scrubs are all around the blogosphere at the moment and I've also seen a few DIY versions of it. I am therefore today going to show you my own version of the lip scrubs using things you will probably find around your home.

You Will Need:
- Half a tablespoon of petroleum jelly (vaseline)
- A small container
- About 4 teaspoons of sugar
- A microwavable bowl
- food colouring (I suggest pink, red or some other 'lip-like' colour.
- Flavouring

Firstly start by placing the petrolium jelly into the microwavable bowl and heat in in the microwave for a few minutes untill completely melted. (I melted mine for around 4 minutes but this will be different for you depending on the wattage of your microwave)

When it has all melted (BE CAREFUL, the bowl will be very hot) add your colouring and flavouring. My dodgy corner shop only apparently supplies red food colouring which is like jelly and you tip it upside down and then it explodes everywhere, my mixture was therefore way darker than I wanted it to be :(. But put in a few drop and stir, do this until you have your desired colour and flavour.

Spoon in the sugar and gently fold the mixture (don't stir it vigorously otherwise the sugar will dissolve).

Finally pour the mixture into the little tub, put the lid on and place it into the fridge of around half an hour untill it is set.

And there you have your lip balm/scrub with any flavour and colour you want :). I used red colouring and vanilla essence as this is the only one that was sold in the shop, but why not try strawberry flavouring or mint (or any you want to).

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy making a lip balm/ scrub :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx  


  1. This is clever! I'm so trying it out :)

    Bethany Paige ( X

  2. I KNEW doing this would be easy! I recently made a post about my lip scrub from Lush and ever since I bought it I have been thinking about how easy it must be to make one of your own and here it is! I'm liking the look of the colour in the last photo!