About Me

Hello :)

I previously posted a little bit about myself as a thingy on my sidebar, but that's just gotten far too cluttered so i've moved it over to a separate page where I can blabber on a bit and so you lovely followers can choose if you want to read it or not.

My name is Lucy and i'm 19 years old (but closer to 20, cripes). I'm from a little city in England, I say little because compared to some places around the world it is little, but to me it's kinda big. If you've ever had or heard of Worcester sauce...I come from the town than makes that :). I'm in my second year of University studying Education Studies but I do not have a clue what I want to do once I leave. Throughout the years i've wanted to be everything from a doctor to a teacher to an astronomer to a fashion designer, I kinda stuck to the teaching side of things but i'm not sure if it's tickling my pickle, so to say, anymore. I do not have a part time job however much I want one, I just don't seem to have much luck in, well, anything really.

I get told i'm like an English Rose, but I don't really know what they are. I am your typical English person though (or so other cultures believe the English to be), in that I do LOVE tea, my room is decorated in red white and blue and I love a good old Sunday lunch in the pub. I don't however ride a penny-farthing, wear a monocle, talk in a posh accent or know the queen personally.

I have an unhealthy obsession with clothes and make up, if I got banned from Boots, Topshop or Primark...their profit would go down dramatically.

A few random facts about me...
My favourite colours are blue, white and coral, to the extent where, when I was younger I used to buy nothing but blue and white clothes.
I love Polar bears.
I also love my boyfriend, Liam :) (PDA!)
My Birthday is 1 week and 6 days after Christmas day, which people tell me they'd hate...but I love it.
I'm a girly girl and did ballet for ten years.
If there was one thing I could change about myself, it would be my nose.
I love Rowntree's Randoms and mint Aero. Yum.
I would LOVEEEE to have a YouTube channel but I just don't have the confidence.

I hope you enjoy reading my little bloggy blog and if you do, please follow, or comment, or both. It makes me smile and do a little dance in my head :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx


  1. I'm sure you are doing a little dance right now because I'm following :) very nice blog.

  2. Hai Lucy....
    your blog is so nice....