Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hey everyone :)

So I hit Primark today searching for clothes for the colder weather considering my wardrobe currently consists of T-shirts, Ballet shoes, a few dresses, jeans and not much else. Here are the results...


Firstly let me apologize for the crappy picture quality. I'm at my boyfriends and his lighting is not particularly good, I'm also using my phone instead of a camera. I picked up two skater skirts, the stripey wine and black coloured one was £7 and the plain blue was £6. I'm planning on wearing these with a jumper and boots. They're not the greatest quality but i'd rather have a few of slightly less great quality which I can swap and change, than one amazing quality which I wear all the time.

This dress is black by the way, not navy just as a side note but anyway. I think that is is amaaaazing value for money. This is a body con dress that has sheer fabric around the bottom of the dress, except for a section at the front, which is floor length. I've seen these on quite a few people whilst out clubbing and in rather a few magazines. The most amazing thing however, about this dress is that it was £15. I was shocked and just had to get it, the body con part is really thick material too, so it'll be good for wintery nights out.

I already have a pair of Primark's flats on the left, in black, I was preferably looking for a studded pair which I've seen floating around the blogosphere and on YouTube. They didn't have any of those but they did have some navy blue ones which I really loved and they are only £6, plus I already knew that they were super comfy so it was a done deal. The boots I completely love! I'm a sucker for Primark boots although usually they seem a little lacking in the quality department but these are gorgeous. They're a faux leather and have a little heel so they seem pretty hard wearing and waterproof. The lining is also pretty (green with little brown polka dots). These were £15 so were not bad for a pair of boots, although they are pretty thin so I feel when the weather starts getting super cold, I will invest in some thicker ones from Office or somewhere, where I know they'll last me a few years.

I do like Primark's jumpers, they have so many in at the moment although all the ones I was going for had completely gone in my size :(. Although some of their jumpers feel as though they'd be itchy, some look really long or have a strange neckline and some have crazy colours. When I saw this one it went straight in the basket. It's a really soft material and has these little knitted wavy lines going up and down it. On the label, the colour is described as cream but it has red and blue flecks all over it. This was £14 but I can tell that it's going to be a very warm and well loved garment this A/W. 

POLAR BEAR PYJAMAS! I needed some new long pyjamas and I saw the polar bear top from like a mile away (I LOVE polar bears). I don't have much to say about these except for the fact that they are super cute and really soft, plus the colours and patterns are pretty. The top was £3 and the bottoms were £5. Would it be wierd if I went and bought the polar bear top to wear out? probably haha.

Finally I've been eyeing up this red bag in primark for ages. It is a deep red almost wine colour and the flap is ostrich print which is all over the place atm. I loved the colour for Autumn. I really need to stop buying bags but I've not stopped liking this for weeks and I don't have a red bag at all plus this was only £9. Finally I picked up a pair of tights, not super intresting really haha, they were £2.50.

Thank you very much for reading.If you've done a haul recently link me to it and I will take a look :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx 


  1. I love Primark pyjamas :) They have some really soft fleecy ones in at the minute that I want x


  2. I've got that bag too, it's actually really good quality isn't it?? When my mum was round at mines she seen it and made me get her one too. Gotta love primark. x