Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 Facts About Me!


I have like 50 hauls to do (bit of an exaggeration) but I've been to work and am utterly shattered and so have a bit of a back-log of pictures and posts, to fill that gap I thought I'd hop on the band wagon and do a '25 Facts About Me' post.

1. I am a sweet maniac. I have to be in the mood for chocolate but I could eat sweets all day every day. My particular fave is giant sugared strawbs.

2. I'm very English. My parents have done part of their family tree, the furthest afield we have come from is Birmingham, which is about a half hour drive away, which is sort of boring I'd like to be part Italian or Irish or something.

3. My middle name is Elizabeth which is also the name of my nan's mum.

4. I did ballet for ten years going twice-three times a week until the age of about 15-16 when I gave up for my GCSEs, I regret giving up so much.

5. I am a little bit obsessed with Polar Bears, they're so beautiful and yet fierce and dangerous animals. My boyfriend adopted me a polar bear for Christmas. I love him haha.

6. Talking about boyfriends. I have been with Liam for coming up to 11 months, which has whizzed by. He makes me laugh so much, he's my boyfriend and best friend in one.

7. My favourite TV programmes are Big Bang Theory, New girl and Miranda. I'm a sucker for American TV and comedy things.

8. If I could be any superhero I'd be Superwoman (duuuuh ^^^^)

9. I used to swim for my county and came first in breaststroke, (I also met Tony the Tiger aka the frosties mascot, at one swimming competition. True story) but if you were to throw me into a pool now I'd look like a drowning fly. I lose skills very quickly.

10. I cry at EVERYTHING. I read a leaflet about childline earlier...started crying. Whenever I fall out with someone, hurt myself, read something sad etc etc I am a crying machine.

11. Saying that however, I never cry in movies, I was the one out of my group of friends sat there feeling bad because I didn't cry during Marley and me. The only movie I have cried at is Toy Story three, but can you blame me?

12. I am half way through my Degree at Uni and am studying Education Studies, it is so difficult and such hard work, but I guess that's the same for all degree courses.

13. I actually think I have a clothes/ make up addiction. I live for trips to town and could easily spend hundreds in a single visit, I don't though, I some how find the will power. I get a massive buzz from buying new things and feel somewhat deflated if I come home from a shopping trip with nothing new.

14. I love tea, I could live off solely drinking tea/ iced tea for the rest of my life. It doesn't matter if it's regular tea, extra strong tea, green tea, herbal tea...if it comes in a tea bag, I'll drink it. My particular favourite is the mint infused iced tea from Boston tea party.

15. I'm not a vegetarian but I cannot eat any type of meat that does not come from a joint. for example, If my mum cooks a joint of beef for Sunday lunch, it's fine, or if we go out for sunday lunch and I get turkey and the man cuts it up off the joint, it's fine. But any meat in ready meals of from a take away or even if it's like chicken curry in a resturant...can't eat it...I'm odd.

16. My friends often compare my personality to that of Eliot in Scrubs. I'm not really sure if that's a good thing, but I can see where they're coming from. I can be a bit wacky/kooky/wierd which i'm not always sure is a good trait haha.

17. I have asthma and have done since the age of three. I can remember being diagnosed. I have to take inhalers every day, but I wouldn't be me without it. Even if my best friend Han does sing the part from the Kylie Minogue song which goes "breathe, I know you find it hard but baby, breathe" to me...lots. 

18. I have serious issues about my nose. I never paid to attention to it untill maybe college when everyone seemed to have small little button noses. I wouldn't mind Ellie Goulding's nose because at least her's is small from the front, mine is like having a small planet on my face...enough about noses.

19. I used to get bullied for being short, I was very short back in the day, but in about year 10 I shot up to 5 ft 8 being taller than all of them mwahaaa, although I'd rather be short lol.

20. My first holiday away was with this bunch of girls (including me on the left) and another two not in the pic. We went to a little-ish town in Majorca called Santa Ponsa. It was amaaaazing!!!! I love my girlies crap loads. I've known some of them since reception (aged 4) and the others have joined along the way.

21. In school my friendship group consisted of about 25 people, during the summer between finishing school and starting college in 2009, we spent every day together, it has been the best summer of my life so far.

22. My favourite movies of all time are Toy story, Monsters Inc, The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. I'm a massive kid.

23. I sometimes spend hours just messing with make-up...cue face like a lion...

24. I'm painfully shy, like painfully. When I was little, if there was a family gathering at my grans, I used to run in and hide behind the sofa. I love meeting new people and making friends but I sometimes find it really hard. It has definitely improved with age though. I care much less about what people think nowadays.

25. And finally...what else can I talk about except Lucyloves? Still not sure about the blog title...but I love my little blog, I've always wanted a YouTube channel but all beauty gurus seem to be so beautiful and they still look amazing with no make-up on. But my blog is my escape and I love reading other people's blogs. Even though I often think mine is pretty crappy, I just love writing about make up and clothes and things which I love stupidly lots. So please feel free to follow me *wink wink*

Aaaaand that is it. I rambled a bit didn't I haha, oh well. Hope you guys have all had an amazing Saturday and have a very lovely Sunday :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx  


  1. Oh Lucy! :( you miss ballet, if I quit ballet I would miss it too. This is why I recommend you follow my blog, because it's going to be all about ballet, dance, ballet, ballet, ballet! I'd love to hear from you and your experiences!

  2. Now that was a post I can relate to, I'm also obsessed with polar bears, I can't wait for the next episodes of big bang theory and new girl, I also hate my nose and crying is like my hobby or something :D

  3. I love this kind of post. I quit cheerleading for my gcse's too and have regretted it so much since. It's never too late to get back into it :) xx