Sunday, 29 July 2012

Latest bracelets :D

I've been buying bracelets...agaiiiiiin. Let's go from top to bottom.
The first bracelet is a double wrap around coral bracelet with gold rounded studs from Accessorize, it was in the sale with 70% off so it was like £3 WOO!

The second one down is a bright pink wrap around with diamant√© s and a button fastening. This was again from Accessorize in the sale and it was like £2.30

The thiiiiird one is a bracelet I got off Ebay. You can choose from a range of bracelets and necklaces, and then choose your lettering and colour and a number of other things. The one which I got was in aqua and it was £1.50!!!!!!!! You can find them by going onto...

The fourth down is an adorable chain bow bracelet from Miss Selfridge. It was £5 for this one. Miss Selfridge have loaaaads of amazing bracelets and they're pretty damn affordable too.

The final bracelet is from Accessorize again and was £4. It's a black thread with a rose gold chain and fastening. :D

That is all :) X

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ready for the Olympics

I picked up this bracelet and necklace from Dorothy Perkins yesterday for half price (£5 for the bracelet and £3.25 for the necklace) These are pretty damn British with the bracelet having  union jack, Big Ben, tea cup and tea pot charms on it as well as pearls and a rose. The necklace is similar with the heart union jack, Big Ben and pearl. I thought they were super cute and great to wear atm because of the whole Olympic thing. How exciting :D

Top 5 nail varnishes of the summer :)

left to right...Penny talk by Essie, Pink fizz by models own, instyle coral by Rimmel, Indian ocean by models own and Golden peach by models own :)
I'm loving models own nail varnishes atm especially the ones from their beetlejuice collection. These consist of duo-chrome shades and one of them is Indian Ocean (pictured above), it's a beauts bluey purple colour with goldey pink iridescent shimmer. 'Golden peach' is part of their 'Tropical' collection, this again has an iridescent golden shimmer. Finally 'Pink Fizz' is in their 'glitter polishes' range, it's a lovely rose goldey colour. 

All of models own nail varnishes' are really different to other colours you usually find from other brands. The colours are a little transparent and require a few coats but for £5 (or 2 for £8 as it is in Boots atm) you can't really complain. 

The final two polishes are Penny talk by Essie which is a rose goldey/ copper colour a little expensive at £7.99 and I find it chips easily but the colour is just amazing, and instyle coral by Rimmel. This is one of their 60 seconds nail varnishes and as it says on the tin it dries super fast which is very handy, the colour is beautiful and it lasts quite some time before chipping. It costs £3.69 from Superdrug and Boots. Definitely recommend this one :)


This is for certain my favourite mascara of the year so far. 'Lash Modelling' by BarryM is a really great mascara . The brush is of course what makes it so good. The bristles around the brush are of varying lengths which really separate lashes with the shorter ones on one half piling on the mascara and the other half brushing through lashes to stop them getting clumpy. I got this one from Boots for £6.19

Second fave is 'VA VA VOOM' this 17 mascara really does add loads of volume to lashes making them look more dramatic. The brush is pretty thick and piles on mascara which can leave them pretty clumpy but if you use an eyelash comb or a different mascara over the top it's an absolutely amazing mascara. This is again from Boots at around £5 

My third favourite is 'Wild curls mascara' from 17. This has a small brush with thin short bristles which really do help to curl lashes. I have this in the shade 'blackest black' and it stays for ages on my lashes without cracking or smudging or any of the annoying other things mascaras sometimes do. I got this for £1 with a voucher from Boots, but it believe it's usually around the £5 mark.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Haul time

A little late minute shopping from Boots, Primark and superdrug before my holiday to sunny Majorca tomorrowwwww.
I got 4 things from Praimarni...
A plain wihte cami top for £2 (always come in useful)
A cut out floral swimming cozzy for £10
A pack of 5 briefs for £3
and A faux leather cross body cream bag for £6

From boots I purchased...
Alberto Balsam coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner for £1.07 each
2 Models own nail varnish in golden peach and pink fizz on offer at 2 for £8 (or £5 each)
Batiste dry shampoo for blonde hair for £3.99
Maybelline gel eye liner for around £7.99
Johnsons make up remover wipes (the blue ones for dry skin) for around £3.50
A mini hand held fan for £7.99 (rather damn pricey)

In Superdrug I bought...
a pack of 6 tissues for £1.29
Malibu hair and scalp UV spray for like £2.50
A shower puff for £1.99 (part of 3 for 2)
3 little stackable tubs for £1.50 (part of the 3 for 2)
A pink and white polka dot wash bag for something around £2.50 (part of 3 for 2)
Soft lips French vanilla UVA lipbalm for just over £2
Anatomicals 'Sud the lot of you' body cleanser for £1.99 (it had £1 off yaaay)

I also got a pair of goggles from JJB for £3.99 and some magazines to keep me occupied on the plane :)

That is alllllll :) x 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Essie review

Essie nail varnish in 'Penny talk'

Penny talk is one of the varnishes in Essie's mirror metallics range. It's a kind of rose gold/copper kind of colour and is pretty damn opaque so you only need one coat. It is sold in Boots for £7.99 which is pretty pricey for a nail varnish but it is a really nice colour and I couldn't find any dupes in any of the cheaper brands. I've found that it chips really quickly, like after one day of wear there are numerous chips so i'd advice using a topcoat. Other than that, I totally recommend this one!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I did the Walk of Worcestershire today which is a 10.5 mile walk for a charity for children. My feet and legs are dead and I have sunburn (even though it was cloudy and raining...whaaaat?) but in total over 4000 people took part and they have so far raised like £90,000. We did get some YSL perfume and a sample of an expensive brand of moisturiser (supposedly, i've never heard of it) at the end. Here are a few pictures I took on the walk. I gave up after a while because I had to use all my strength to carry on so these are like of the start, a few views on the way and the finish line/medal. We did get a free Gregg's sausage roll and like 5 bottles of water along the way aswell ;) so it was a pretty fab day even if my legs are completely feeling it now.

Rose gold sandals

I GOT ROSE GOLD SANDALS!!!! Super excited about these bad boys from Forever 21. They were £6 for these two then around £12? (I could be lying though) for another rose gold pair with a bow on :D

Haul time

strapless top ~ £2 (in the sale)

Real leather sandals ~ £12

cream and coral dolly shoes ~ £6

Flip-flops ~ £1.80

cami top ~ £1.80
Skater dress ~ £13

Duvet cover ~ £9

Towel ~ £6
So i've had a bit of a haul buying stuff from Primark agaiiiiiin. Mainly for my upcoming holiday with the girls but also just because it was cheap and pretty :) Primark is ideal for holiday shopping because it's affordable so it doesnt matter if you don't wear them again.

Mae movement bracelets

FINALLY got my beautiful Mae Movement bracelets in 'tribal'. 

They are handmade by women in Nepal which 'help generate sustainable income for women in Nepal'.

They're $15.00 each or three for $35.00 which comes to around £10.00 for one or £22.00 for three (not including shipping and handling) which is a very reasonable price considering they're beautiful and for charity!

My boyfriend

It was definitely my boyfriends idea to do face masks....think he's getting in touch with his feminine side :D

Revlon lip butter dupes

 The top are MUA (l-r)  shade 7, shade 5, shade 16
The bottom are Revlon (l-r) 025 Peach Parfait, 055 Cupcake, 015 Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti

Peach Parfait

Completely loving the Revlon lip butters. Currently have six and counting :P Amazing range of colours. Secret here though, the lipsticks in the MUA collection (which are £1 each) have some pretty damn similar colours to the Revlon lip butters, plus the texture is pretty much the same. Deffo recommend for those on a small budget.