Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ten Day You challenge | Day Six

Day Six | Five foods

I am a really rather picky eater and I always have been (I'm sat here now, picking the fat of a bacon sandwich) never the less I eat like a horse and could snack for ever and ever. I have also found a very good vacuum in my boyfriend Liam who is not picky at all and eats anything I leave (sometimes it's quite gross, haha). I do love food and often look forward to eating during the day, which is quite sad. So anyway...

1. Sunday roast - This is not so much a food as a meal...but I don't love one thing in a Sunday roast more than another. I have alwaaays had one, we used to go to my nans every week and she would do one, but now we stay at home or go out, never the less, it is my favourite meal in the world, I love vegetables and meat and different variations of it's pretty much heaven on a plate to me.

2.Sweets - I love sweets, I much prefer sweets to chocolate and I blame this on my mum because she always bought me and my brother a few little sweets a week and rarely gave us chocolate instead. I mean I love chocolate, I just love sweets more. Especially Randoms and Giant Strawbs and now my mouth is watering!

3. Mum's chips - I have always loved mum's chips. I really dislike any other kind, including oven and fried and whatever else, but there's something about home made ones which are really moreish. I could eat them for all of eternity.

4. Subway - I do love subway, A chicken Tikka footlong toasted with no cheese (I really hate melted cheese) with lettuce cucumber and red be precise. I love how sweet the bread is although I also know that Subways are pretty well known for their high levels of salt, so I only have one on occasions, but i'd rather a subway than a McDonalds.

5. Banana frittas - I LOVE banana everything, milkshake, ice cream, yoghurt and these things which are the holy grail of banana goodness (or maybe badness because they're sort of bad for you). They are simply deep fried bananas which you may be wincing at but on no I promise you...these things are amaaaaaaazing! The batter is lovely and crisp and the banana is warm but not all that mushy. It's just delicious, especially swirled with golden syrup. There was a little tiny store which sold them on holiday and we'd have one every year the day before going home. If you ever get the chance to try it!

Thank you for reading :) I do hope your Saturday is fab so far :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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