Friday, 14 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge | Day Five

Day Five | Six Places

I'm not entirely sure if this is places that mean something to me or places that I want to go so i guess i'll do a bit of a mix :)

1. Worcester - This is my home town and therefore means a lot to me. I went through a stage of hating the place and wanting to move away asap but the more i've gone round staying in other places, i've grown to love it again. It's a really old town but pretty big ish too (to me anyway). We have loads of big old buildings like the Cathedral and Guild hall. We're pretty well known for our Worcester sauce and Porcelain. At Christmas we have a big Victorian Fayer which is all festive and fun and that. It's all in all an averaged size but very pretty town.

2. Dawlish, Devon - This is a teeny little seaside town but my Grandpa owned a caravan there and it was the only place we went on holiday from when I was born to when I was 11. I have loads of memories there and no-one else from my school or out of my friends had ever heard of it until recently where loads of people seem to be going there.

3. Santa Ponsa, Majorca - This is where I first went on holiday without my family. 6 of me and my friends went and we had a fab time. It's about a 10 minute drive from the infamous Magaluf. Most nights though, we just went into Santa Ponsa town which was crazy enough (Free shots and jugs full of cocktail with every drink you bought). But it was a little quieter than Maga. We literally slept till about 4 in the afternoon, headed to the pool for a few hours, grabbed some dinner, then went out again. We went to Maga twice and came back at about 8 in the morning. It was a crazy holiday but very fun, i'd absolutely love to go back.

4. New York - It's one of the fashion capitals of the world and I have alwaaays wanted to go there. It always looks so beautiful in films and on TV and my uncle went there for 3 weeks and told us how amazing it was. That's pretty much it for New York...but if anyone has a spare ticket to New York, I will gladly take it.

5. Germany - I'm not even sure where abouts in Germany I'd like to go, but ever since I started taking German in high school i've wanted to go there. I used to have a penpall and we'd e-mail each other all the time so I got to know more about their holidays and traditions and things. I also love their food and a lot of the towns we learnt about in German were beautiful. I just think it would be great to go there. Since finishing my A levels, my German's gotten a bit rusty so I wouldn't trust myself ordering food or anything but I would really like to go.

6. LA, California - I hadn't really thought too much about California untill firstly, I started watching YouTube videos a few years ago and loads of people lived there and I saw just how beautiful it was. Secondly, Some of friends went there and took loads of pictures of the place and things there (I HAVE to go to the Urban Outfitter there!) and thirdly, my boyfriend told me he'd love to move there one day. It  looks amaaaazing, and the shopping i'm guessing would be pretty amazing too.

Thank you for reading guys. I'm sorry btw for the lack of beauty posts at the moment. I'm lacking in ideas of what to do atm and need to wait to get paid so that I can do more reviews :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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