Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge | Day Four

Day Four | Seven Wants

1. To do well at Uni - I've always been alright academic wise, i've never done amazingly like I got 2 A's about 6 or 7 Bs and 2 Cs at GCSE and an A and two Bs at A level, but I want to do really well at Uni. My course is Education studies so it won't lead to one specific job type but if you get a 2:1 (sort of B level) you automatically get an interview for a PGCE which is what I want to do. I therefore really want to do well.

2. I want to finally choose a career path - You probably know very well that I have little to no clue what I want to do when I finish at Uni and so i'd love to get some inspiration from some where or come across a job which I decide I want to go for.

3. Some amazing boots - Boots don't suit me except for really diddy ankle boots. I'd love to find some boots which look amazing!

4. To win the lottery - Lets face it, it's not going to happen... but I still want it to. It would be rather amazing.

5. For my boyfriend to hurry up and come back to little old Worcester - Uni isn't back for a few weeks yet but I want him to come and live back here already. It would be quite fun if his family could just move here because they're lovely and then he'd be here all the timeee. What a cheesy want eh!

6. A new camera - Mine is a little nikon coolpix, which is great and has a rather pretty design...but I want a jazzy one which takes amazing HD pictures and such things.

7. To have a lifetimes supple of Tea - I love tea. A lifetimes supply would be amaaazing!

Thank you all for reading :) Hope you've had/ are having a lovely Thursday.

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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  1. Those are really good grades! You should be proud. :) I wish you all the best at Uni. I'll bet you do fab!
    Mia x