Saturday, 15 September 2012

How I clean my brushes

Hey Guys :)

So yesterday I did a 'My favourite make up brushes' post (which you can find here, if you're interested) so I thought i'd carry it on today, showing you how I clean them :).

I use a mix of washing up liquid and face wash. I've never seen washing up liquid used before but it really is great for cleaning brushes. I would bore you with the science behind it but we all know that fairy liquid is used to get rid of grease and oil and such things, which means when used on brushes, it helps to pull off oily make ups like foundation. It's also gentle so won't damage the brush fibres.

So firstly I start by squirting some fairy liquid (or washing up liquid, whichever you prefer to say) over the brushes and rub this into the bristles, much like when you shampoo your own hair. The brushes however are dry so won't foam, this allows for the liquid to start pulling off the make up.

After this I fill the sink with cool water (very hot may possibly melt the glue which holds the bristles in) and put the brushes in to soak for a few minutes.

 I then swirl the brushes in the palm of my hand untill the water coming out of them stops looking either foundationey or blushery or whatever-else, coloured, I then use my fingers and rub the bristles again ensuring that the middle bristles are washed too. I then change the water and put the brushes into the sink to rinse off.

Following this I take a blob of face wash. This is antibacterial so keeps my brushes clean and stops me transferring bacteria from the brush to my face. I do the same technique with this, swirling each brush into my hand before thoroughly rinsing the brush under the tap ensuring all of the soap is out of them.

Once they've all been washed and are completely clean, I take them in a towel and one at a time gently squeeze them getting rid of any excess water

To finish off I put a hair bobble around any bottle or anything which stands up right and place my brushes under it so that the top of the brush is pointing down. This means that when it's drying, the water doesn't seep into the glued part as this could make the bristles become loose. I leave the brushes like this until they have dried and that is it :)

Thank you very much for reading. If you've done a post or video on how you clean your brushes link me to it, i'm always interested to see other people's ideas.

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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