Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge | Day Nine

Day Nine | Two Songs

This is such a hard one to choose. I am a music lover and have million of songs which I love.

1. Big Yellow Taxi, Counting Crows - I really don't know why I love this one so much but i've liked it ever since I was little and I could never listen to it too much. Counting Crows weren't the original singers but this version always seems to be my favourite.

2. Wonderwall, Oasis - I did Music GCSE some 4 years ago and this song has so many memories relating back to that and also to leaving school and to my best friend who did music with me. It also reminds me of my nan, i'm really not sure why. But all in all every time I listen to it it brings a load of happy memories back to mind. Oasis are my favourite band of all time anyway which makes this song even better.

These ten days are going so quickly, only one day left :O

Thank you for reading, what is your favourite song of all time?

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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