Sunday, 9 September 2012

The day we went to the zoo!

Hey guys :)

So before yesterday I hadn't posted for a few days (sorry about that), for the simple reason that I went to stay with my boyfriend and his family for a few days. We went to Drayton Manor, which for those of you who don't know is a family theme park. It's only a small place with only two major roller coasters, a log flume (which we went on like 6 times) and a lot of 'thrill' rides. But it also has a zoo :D so it was like two days out in one!! Everyone is now back at school so the park was pretty much derelict, you could just walk up and go straight onto a ride, which was great compared to when we went to Alton Towers before the summer and had to wait around an hour for each ride!! So I thought i'd just share some pics with you :)...


Views from the Ferris wheel 

Meerkats...They're so tiny!


The reptile house!

Can you see the Iguana?

Black Jaguar

Do you not think they look like Einstein?

We won a giant lolly!!!


Shack-wave, a stand up rollercoaster :O

Thanks for reading/looking :)

Lots of  Love, Lucy xx


  1. Those rollercoasters look fab! I've tagged you in the Laine Blogger Award, which you can find using this link.
    Mia x

  2. The meerkats are so cute! I love them, and prarie dogs, I always wanted one when I was younger :) x