Saturday, 15 September 2012

Six Money Saving Tips

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So I am a student which means that nine times out of ten I have very little money. As a result, over the last year or so, i've come up with a few tips which help me to save a little bit more and I thought I'd share six of them with you...

Number one- Shop around.
You may go into Boots and see an amazing foundation or lipstick which you just need to have, but before you go upto the till with it...have a look around in other shops, somewhere else may have the exact same thing, but cheaper. Look online as well some sites, such as, (which is always my go to online site) may also have the same product for much much less. You might only save pence, but hey, look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.

Number two- make a wish list when buying something pricey.
If I see something I desperately want in a shop...I write it down just in my phone or something and go back to it a week or so later. If I still love it and want it bad, (and have the money of course) I get it. Sometimes you find that it's love at first sight but after a while once you've been away from it for a bit, you kinda get over it. Or you may find something even better in the mean time. If it's something little or something I really do need such as make up wipes or bodywash, I obviously don't do this, but if it's a £50 coat or £15 lipstick, it really does save you some money.

Number 3- If you don't love it, don't buy it.
This is one which has really saved me some moolah recently. Do you ever walk around the shops see something pretty, snap it up and then it's still in your wardrobe 3 months later, unworn, because it's unflattering or you don't really like the colour....Yeah, me too! This tip is hard to do especially when you're on a bit of a shopping spree but it will save you quite a bit honest. Whenever you see something and have that 'ooh I need it' feeling, just think about weather you actually love it, does your heart pound and you feel like you want to cry/ hug it and never let it go? because if not...PUT IT DOWN AND MOVE AWAY! If so...walk around with it for a bit...if the thought of putting it down still makes you want to scream and have a tantrum, then you are the proud new owner of that pair of shoes/top/jacket...or whatever.

Number 4- Put some money aside for Emergencies.
When you get paid/get your student finance/pocket money...or whatever...Put say 20% of it to one side and do not touch it. Go crazy (but not too crazy, still follow the other tips like) with the rest...and you still have that 20% there in case you run out of food or something. Simple as that :)

Number 5- Read reviews.
Before you buy something new read reviews other people have written about it and you may change your mind. You might find the lipstick is really drying or the shampoo smells gross.  This tip is as simple as that.

Number six- Look for dupes.
There are lots of dupes for more expensive things out there and some are just as amazing but are just a fraction of the price. I find that I don't really think about dupes when I'm out shopping, I see something I love and buy it without thinking like "Maybe they have a coat very similar to this is Primark?" But if you get into the habit of thinking about it, you should find you save quite a bit.

And that is it :) I hope these tips helps you somehow.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love, Lucy xx 


  1. fantastic money saving tips, I definitely agree with the wishlist idea. Ive always got at least a few wishlists on the go! x

  2. I always read reviews, they are so helpful! And I totally agree with the "If you don't love it, don't buy it." I lover this post! Great tips!
    Mia x