Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge | Day one

Hey guys

So i've seen this floating around in the blogosphere for some time now but i've decided to do it as i'm getting ready to head out of summer and back into Uni :( I'm also out of things to review and talk about for the next week or so, therefore I though't i'd do this as a sort of gap filler. I really enjoy reading other people's so i hope you will enjoy reading mine too :)

Day one- Ten secrets

I find it really hard to think up secrets because I don't have any, as boring as that is haha, so this is more of a things about me not everyone knows...

1. I'm stupidly shy- like it's always been a problem, when I meet new people my heart races and I can barely talk. Untill I get to know them, then they probably wish I would shut up some times. I've always wanted to be less shy, it has gotten better over the years, so hopefully by the time i'm like 130 i'll be completely confident!

2. Leading on from the last - I get on better with guys than girls although i'm a very girly girl, not a tom boy by any means. My very closest friends are girls i've known for years but then my outer circle of friends are mainly guys. I just find there's much less drama with them.

3. I've already got my boyfriends christmas present...two tickets to see Olly Murs because he loves him...but shhhh :P

4. I'm completely hopeless at organising. I buy something or make a 'New Years resolution' to become more organised...and it all starts good, for example i'll start the Uni year with a planner and the thought that i'll knuckle down and do well....then after two weeks I give in and go out every other night. It really isn't good.

5. i'm a complete comitment-phobe. Unless it's things i've done all of my life (going to school/ college/ Uni) or something I completely love and am devoted to...I hate it! Going to work for example...I hated it and it was so strict and time consuming, considering it was only a weekend job on the checkout whilst I was also studying for my A levels. Even if I have to stay later at Uni or whatever...I can't stand it. I think it's the fact I like my own time, doing things I want to, and anything which runs into that is not good! I hate getting myself into situations where it's hard to back out.

6. I cried for pretty much the whole of pre school and my first 3 years at primary school. I really did not like primary school. I was very clingy and hated my mum leaving me there. I also hated noisy places and people who were boisterous, so I much preffered when we were sat working...So very sad...I'm glad that changed quickly. Also this one time in pre-school (remind anyone of "this one time in band camp"? haha) I ran upto the door kicking it and screaming to leave.

7. I'm in my second year at Uni...Yet i still have no clue what i want to do when I leave. since I was about 3 years old, lining my toys up against the fire guard (they burnt...but that's another story) I've wanted to be a teacher. But now i'm actually at the time of deciding I don't really know if I want to any more. Oh dear.

8. I forget people's names so easily. I can remember people's faces but can never remember their names. It gets me into a right pickle sometimes.

9. It was me who wrote on the newly wallpapered wall when I was 4, not my older brother, although he got the blame (Mwahaha). I was a very mischievous child.

10. I don't really know what my style is, although I wish I did. I love fashion and clothes LOTS, but I often buy things I like, not because they're particularly fashionable. sometimes I try my hardest to buy things which are fashionable, but i'm crappy at finding, picking things and putting outfits together.

I hope you like reading these too and find this some what interesting. Link me to your 'ten day you challenge' and I will most certainly read it :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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  1. Aw I love this. I'm incredibly shy too! People think I don't talk, then once you get to know me I never stop talking. People in my work always say to other people I work with that I'm so quiet and they'll tell them that they obviously don't know me at all. I just like time to figure people out :) x