Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge | Day Three

Day Three | Eight Fears

1. Spiders - I guess that's a pretty common fear but I haaaaaate spiders. I can just about hack money spiders but if there is a spider in the room, I guarantee you I won't be in there with it.

2. Heights - I've always had this fear but it's not as bad now. When I was little I freaked out when I had to walk over a foot bridge or something. I can rarely go on roller coasters...not because i'm scared of them but because when it starts it usually goes up pretty high before it lets you go and I cannot stand that really slow bit.

3. Flying insects of any kind - It's not so bad that I won't go outside but I hate things flying around me, especially moths, they always seem to fly towards my face.

4. Death - Depressing one eh, but I never had this until my Gramps died like 9 years ago. I think i'd be ok if I knew for absolute certain that there was an afterlife so that I could see everyone again. I know if there isn't you won't know about it, but that freaks me out to.

5. Deep outer space - This is an odd one because it will never happen. But sometimes I sit and think like if gravity suddenly just vanished we'd like fall into space and the world would be flung out away from the sun, it's kinda freaky because really we're just sort of floating. In year 6 we went to watch a 3D movie about space and I had to take my 3D glasses off because it scared me. I'm quite weird really.

6. The sea - It's become a stand in joke with my family because when I was about one or two we went to the seaside and I refused to get out of my pushchair because the sea was too big. Whenever I go on a boat or in an aeroplane or something I always think about how many miles of sea there are below me and what is down there. But I do love the sea, like when I can stand in it or can see the shore.

7. Being a failure - This is another pretty common fear. I always want to make people proud but like i'm into my second year at Uni and have no clue what I want to do when I leave and that worries me.

8. The dark - I do not like the dark! Simple as that. When I turn the light off at night I have to run into my bed and I avoid looking into mirrors or out of windows. I went to see the devil inside with my boyfriend like 6 months back and it was horrible, everyone was saying how un-scary it was but I still have images pop into my head now and again when it's dark or i'm home alone.

Thank you for reading :) 

Lots of love, Lucy xx


  1. I know what you mean about being afraid of failure, I've been like that for the past few years and it's a nasty feeling! :(


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