Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Disappointing Products! :(

Hey guyses,

I've been sorting through some of my things, making room for new and giving me an excuse to go shopping to fill up my shelf again :). I came across quite a few things i've barely used because they were pretty disappointing, so I thought i'd share them with you to get your opinions on them...

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure - This is pretty much a treatment for your nails to strengthen them. I have very dry brittle nails and so was trying desperately to find a treatment to give them some nourishment. I came across this bottle which states to apply every other day or as a base coat, and decided to give it a go. I know it takes time for these products to work so I persevered putting it on every other day (or sometimes a few times a day as I was that desperate), although after like 2 months of using it my nails were noticeably stronger in that the ends didn't bend if I pushed the end, they were however still peeling, which didn't float my boat at all! It was £9.99 so I expected better. If you're looking for something to make your nails a bit stronger, then sure I recommend this, it is advertised as helping dry brittle nails, which it didn't (to mine anyway). On a happier note, I discovered O.P.I's Nail Envy nail strengthener, which is doing my nails the world of good. YAY for O.P.I!

Essie - Oh gosh, I so don't wan't to talk about this :( I love Essie so much, me and Es have such a love hate relationship. So whenever I go into boots I stand, gazing in awe at the (what seems like) hundreds of different bottles of nail varnish in such pretty colours with stupidly cute names, and I just buy them! My particular favourite is 'Penny Talk', a lovely almost rose gold colour. My disappointment with Essie however is that it seems to chip so easily and they retail at £7.99 which made me think that they'd be pretty long lasting. I'm sure I read somewhere that Essie nail varnishes contain some ingredient, which helps to prevent chipping but I put it on, with a top coat and hours later it's all chipped and looking yucky. I don't know if it just does this on my nails but it's so frustrating. I don't use an Essie topcoat so maybe I should invest but my Barry M nail varnish which is considerably cheaper at £2.99, lasts for daaaays using my ususal 17 top coat, without so much as a dent. I do recommend Essie, they're amazing and just fab, but invest in a good top coat!

Simple Sun Kissed moisturiser - I discovered this when Fleur DeForce from YouTube, recommended  it in one of her videos. I am very pale and decided that seeing as I use a tinted moisturiser in the summer, i'd use this on my face to sort of even it all out a bit. So I brought this for a very reasonable £4.99. I know that one of Simple's main selling points is that is has no perfume or colour which makes it better for your skin, and I love that about their products. I kinda wish though that this particular moisturiser had some sort of added scent. It has a very strong almost chemically smell, it's a lot stronger than their other moisturisers and is pretty gross. Having this on your face all day smelling of chemically-fake-tan-ness is just not nice, it sort of gives you a headache. I only used it the once so I don't know if it does tan nicely or not. I'd advice staying clear of this product...unless of course you like chemical smells?

Soap & Glory's Glad Hair Day intensive conditioner - I used to use this product all the time when it was called Hair Supply and I loved it. It has that signature Soap & Glory smell and left my hair feeling soft and it also lasted me ages. When I went to repurchase it it wasn't on their website so I sent them a message asking if it was discontinued and they replied saying it had been 'improved' into Glad Hair Day intensive conditioner. So i gathered it would be the same formula just with a different name. But when I used it, it left my hair feeling greasy and heavy and not at all shiny and healthy like the old one did. If you have thick hair then this will probably be fine, but if your hair is thinner or naturally oily, then maybe give this one a miss. 

Tresemme's 24 Hour Body Shampoo - I got this as I have pretty fine, limp hair and am always looking for ways to add a bit of 'oompf'. I love Tresemme's products usually, their heat defence spray is godly to me, but this product just disappointed me. After a few uses it had just not done anything body-wise to my hair and I didn't like the smell of it. It has a very perfumed smell but doesn't smell like anything in particular and I much prefer products such as Herbal Essences which have lovely fruity or floral scents. That's pretty much it for this one. On the plus side, I gave it to my brother and he seems to like it, so that giant bottle isn't going to waste. 

Johnson's holiday skin - Both my mum and I have used this for some years and I usually love the smell of it, in that it never used to have that 'self tan' smell and it did a good job at giving a nice subtle glow. I went into boots at the beginning of summer and chose to use Garnier's 'Summer Body' gradual tan instead and it had a lovely apricot smell, although it didn't do anything tan wise so I therefore went back to the trusty ol' Holiday Skin. It doesn't say anywhere on the bottle that the smell has changed, but to me it just didn't smell the same, i'm not sure if this is because i'd been using Garnier's and that smelt sooo lovely, but I just wasn't all that impressed. Sad times.

Good Things Face The Day moisturiser - I have dry skin so it's quite challenging to find something which manages to moisturise my skin, but there again most 'rich' or 'intense' moisturisers usually do the job. I ran out of my all time fave Aimee moisturiser which boots seemed to stop selling and saw this which said it was free from parabens, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulphate and animal ingredients and it's a line aimed at young skin, so I gathered it would do nothing bad to my skin. It did however to NOTHING to my skin, it smells lovely but it didn't moisturise my skin at all, the formula was really greasy and took ages to sink in 

Finally, Simple cleansing facial wipes - now don't get me wrong, these aren't horrible ghastly things i'm going to tell you to avoid at all costs, they just didn't impress me all that much. I have always used Johnson's nourishing facial cleansing wipes which are super moist (i hate that word!) and get rid of all of my make up without me having to like scrub at my eyes, these literally get nothing but good reviews. So anyway, every supermarket and it's dog seem to have stopped selling these, so I grabbed the Simple wipes as they'd had lots of good reviews. They just aren't as moist as the Johnson's wipes, I have to scrub to get all of my eye make up off and when I wipe my brushes on them, like a little comes off but nothing compared to the Johnson's wipes.

Thank you for reading :) 

Lots of love, Lucy xx


  1. primarks range of wipes are brill !!!!



  2. Hey there! Nice post!
    I don't any of the Essie nail varnishes at the moment. But my best friend also bought one and found that it also chips easily. So she was also dissappointed with that.
    Anyways, now following you! :)
    Feel free to follow back and check my blog out.


    :) x

  3. I tried using Tresemme hair mousse and it didn't really work for me as well!! So I used Herbal Essence's mousse and I definitely think it works much better!! Great post!! :)


  4. Oh no! It's an awful shame you were disappointed in Holiday Skin! I can't get enough of it myself, I use it before I go away to help kickstart that natural glow!
    Mia x

  5. sad face that your products weren't up to much, but yay! that you can snaffle more ;) xox I'm a new follower, you can check out and folow my blog if you wish at www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com

    Tata, Leah xox

  6. Oh no its so sad when you invest in products and they end up being failures! I dont really like essie polishes either but everyone else seems to love them, glad I am not the only one.