Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lucy loved...July BEAUTY (just a bit late oopsy)


I've decided to do my July favourites but found a crap load of stuff which have been my favourites this month and that would take years of typing on here so i've split it up into two (this one) and Bathroom  :)

Soap and Glory's 'hocus focus' if my first fave. It's an 'Instant visual flaw-softening lotion' It's a bit like highlighter in a bottle and I usually mix a splodge with my primer to make my skin look dewy and then I also use it as a highlter. It's fab although a little pricey at £13 for 30ml.

I've gone MUA craaaaaazy this month (I may well do a review) and have the pallet 'Glamour days' for a while and bought 'heaven and earth' recently (which is a dupe for urban decay's naked pallet). They're £4 each and are super pigmented and easily blend-able.

I got 17's Wild Curls mascara on a whim for £1 with a voucher and I super love it. It seems to make my eyelashes look longer. I did a post a week or so ago on it so check that out if you wanna know more :)

My usual eye liner which I have continued to love and repurchased for like the 4th time is Maybelline's Eyestudio lasting drama gel liner. It doesn't flake or smudge and is (as Barney would say) super deeee dooper.  

Moisturiser of the months is Simple's anti blemish moisturiser. My face was going spot crazy and I thought this could maybe help. It has natural ingredients which aim to like reduce redness and oil and bacteria and so on. My spots cleared up good and propper, not sure if I can put it all down to this but i'm sure it it doesn't smell and is cheap and moisturising so all is good.

My Eylure lashes in number 155 is a bit random but I wore them on a night out and they looked lurvely without looking silly which they usually do. :)

Me Me Me's boxed blush in coral is another fave. I'm guessing it's using Benefit's boxed blush idea but is £8 so waaay cheaper. It's a pretty colour and...well yeah...that's about it.

Foundation of the month is DEFFO Maybelline's dream fresh BB. It is pretty and not super thick coverage but nice for summer. It also has SPF 30 which is a bonus. It blends pretty damn well and is just amaze.

Apologies for the essay!
That is all :) x

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