Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lucy loves... July BATHROOM

These are my favourite things I have been using in the bathroom in July :D

Aussie's miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner- This is super yummy smelling which is the main reason I use it but it is also non-sticky and makes my hair soft :D

TRESemme's Heat defence spray- Loads of people rant about this and I see why. It smells nice and does the trick. My hair doesn't go all fried like it used to and the spray is diffused nicely and not just in one little squirt like some.

batiste dry shampoo in 'light and blonde'- This is your typical batiste dry shampoo, it smells nice and works but it also has a hint of blonde colour to it which makes your hair look blonder which is a plus for summer.

Garnier's pure active deep pore wash- I LOVE this. It contains salicylic acid which exfoliates and helps to get rid of spots. It foams nicely and really works!!

Herbal essences Hello hydration- oh my lordy lord this is AMAZING. It seriously makes my hair soft like no other conditioner/ deep conditioner/ treatment etc has ever done!! It smells like coconuts and is affordable. :D :D

Finally...St Ives invigorating apricot scrub- This contains all natural exfoliants . It smells fruity and is rather moisturising. I shall be repurchasing that one :)

That is allll :) x

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