Friday, 31 August 2012

Back to uni - supplies haul


So this is a little out of the 'beauty, fashion' area but I always find these interesting to read so thought i'd give it a go :) I really don't have to take much to my University lectures as we're usually just bored to death by the lecturers reading out the power point presentation. Never the less, there are some essentials I do take and a few things I take purely to help myself.
 My bag is this cream and brown faux leather bag from Zara, it was only £22.99 and I think it is adooooorable! The longer strap is removable and adjustable and for the price feels pretty well made. Inside there is a zippy pocket, a cream canvas pocket and little leather one which is big enough for a card or something.

These plastic pockets came as a pack of four from Rymans for something like £3. I take these as we usually get tonnes of loose bits of paper which usually end up getting squished and ripped in my bag, however these keep them much more readable.

This binder from WHSmith was £11.99, a little pricey tbh but I liked it and the fact it's split up into sections makes it easier to organise and to keep notes together.

An academic planner is a necessity for Uni, we have so much research, tasks, group meetings, tutorials, draft dates, hand in dates, presentation dates, room changes e.t.c. without one i'd probably fail. This is a day-a-page diary, giving me loads of room to write on. This was again from WHSmith

My pencil case is again from WHSmith it was like £2.99 which is pretty damn good. I've filled it with markers, highlighters, coloured pens, mechanical pencils and normal pens as I find making my notes colourful helps when I go back to use them. I also have little post-it 'tabs' which I use in my binder as well as in text books to bookmark things.

And that is it :) Thanks for reading guys. 

Lots of love, Lucy xx


  1. I love going shopping for school supplies :') Is that weird? :') xx

  2. What a great post idea! I love the bag. Thanks for the follow, following back! :)