Sunday, 12 August 2012

DIY- Super simple make up brush holder

I have a load of make up brushes some that I use more than others, I have a Real Techniques brush sort of stand thing for the ones I use most but I had no where to put all the others so I made this very cute very girly holder. So if you wanna know how I did it, keep reading :D

You will need:
A clear jar, something such as an old jam/marmalade jar thoroughly washed is perfect
2 thin ribbons, long enough to fit around the top of the jar (I used the hanging loops in clothes)
One thicker sheer ribbon long enough to fit around twice
A loaaaaaaaaaaaaad of beads

Start by wrapping a piece of the thin ribbon around the top of the neck of the jar so that it goes around once and the glue it down.

Secondly take the other piece of thin ribbon and wrap around the bottom of the jar, again so it goes around once and when you're happy, glue it down. 

Thirdly, take the thicker sheer ribbon (I used one from a Pandora bag) if the ribbon is too wide just trim it down. Wrap this around the neck of the jar (if the ribbon is sheer you should still be able to see the ribbons underneath) and tie it into your everyday bow at the front. Glue this piece down if necessary although you will want to use a glue that dries clear.

Finally fill the jar about a quarter of the way with beads of any kind, shape, colour and size. I used some beads from a bracelet making kit and cut up some old worn bracelets and added those beads too.

And TaDaa, You have one super pretty brush holder :) 

You can of course decorate the jar in any way you like. Why not make some more bows out of other ribbons and stick them to the front like I have in the picture above :)

Happy making guys.

Lots of Love, Lucy X      

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  1. OMG you are so talented im gonna try this now :)