Wednesday, 29 August 2012

keep your oily skin at bay!

Helloha :)

Soooo i've accidentally discovered something which is pretty damn good at getting rid of oil. So I had an allergic reaction to a face wash and my face went red and dry (eww) so i was advised by a doctor to use calamine lotion to calm it down, turns also helps oily skin. 

Time for the sciency bit...
So Calamine lotion is a mild astringent meaning it helps to contract skin cells which stops bleeding (which is why it's sometimes used on minor cuts and things) it also constricts pores....smaller pores=less oil! WOO! So in general it reduces the secretion of oil.

You can use calamine lotion under your makeup by using a tiiiiiiny amount and blending it in well so you get its effects all day, this can sometimes make your skin look a little paler and a tad powdery but you'll have much less oil on your skin. If you wanna put it on under makeup you could try mixing a drop with your primer too.

Another way you could use it is by dabbing a fair amount onto the more oily parts of your face (nose, chin, forehead) an hour or so before you're planning to put makeup on leaving it to absorb any oil before wiping it off and applying your makeup. 

Calamine lotion is super cheap, Boots own make is £1.09 for 200ml. So you can't really fail when it comes to price. 

Give it a try and I hope it works for you :)

Lots of love, Lucy Xx
How calamine lotion dries

How it would look if you used a drop under can see it's a tad powdery  but it'll limit oil :)

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