Sunday, 12 August 2012

6 tips on how to get shiny hair :D

Everyone wants shiny healthy looking hair and there are many ways that this can be done pretty inexpensively. So here are 6 tips on how to get beautiful locks without breaking the bank.

1. Firstly and pretty simply, look for shampoos and conditioners which claim to make hair shiny but before you buy read reviews online and see what others have said so you know you're getting one which is more likely to work.

2. Secondly look for shampoos and conditioners which contain natural oils which will replenish oils which our hair makes naturally, making it look super shiny

3. Don't be rough when dealing with your hair. Some ways to do this is by patting wet hair with a towel or using a towel to wrap your hair up instead of rubbing it. Ensure you use heat defence spray and try to avoid using hair appliances on a super high heat or cut to using them just once or twice a week. Also be careful when brushing your hair (avoid it completely when it's wet) as this snags hair making it less shiny.

4. Many drug stores sell deep replenishing masques which help to give hair shine. These can be pretty inexpensive and only need to be used a few times a week.

5. There are numerous natural recipes which give hair shine. Mixing lemon juice and cider vinegar is one way, this also helps to lighten hair so if you're brunette keep this in mind. Another way is to use black coffee which has cooled down, this can sometimes darken hair. (always remember to wash you hair with shampoo and conditioner after using one of these)

6. Finally blasting your hair with cold water (the colder the better) after conditioning closes the hair cuticles making your hair shinier and stopping excess oils getting out meaning your hair is also less greasy.

That is allll

Love from, Lucy X

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