Thursday, 30 August 2012

Worth the hype?...Revlon balm stains

Revlon 'Just Bitten Kissable' balm stains, have become quite a talking point recently being compared to high end products such as Clinique's 'chubby Stick'.

So they're basically a lip stain in a stick.

I love Revlon's lip products in general (being a big fan of their lip butters) so I just had to give these a go. I brought it in the shade 'Rendezvous' a beautiful orange/coral colour. To product applies nicely and is very simple to apply even without a mirror due to it's pencil shape. It also has a nice minty smell which is pleasant.

I guess the main claim of this product is that it's a stain and so has staying power, which it does. I applied it before lunch and it was still going strong afterwards. It's not completely non-transferable, so like if you did kiss someone (as tested on my hand) it leaves a lip-balm mark, but on 2nd/3rd e.t.c. test the transfer is much less viable. Also I applied a swatch to my hand and it takes some scrubbing to get off.

Due to it's staying power however, the Revlon balm stains lack in the moisturising department. It can make your lips feel pretty dry, not dry in the sense that they're sore and cracked, but in that you feel like you have no moisture on them as you usually do with glosses and balms.

The range of colours in the Just Bitten range, are beautiful and the staying power is great. I do recommend these stains but suggest maybe applying a moisturising lipbalm underneath or over the lip stain to keep your lips soft.

Hope you found this some-what helpful :)

Lots of Love, Lucy Xx

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