Monday, 20 August 2012


I saw this as a tutorial on Youtube ages ago and got bored today so decided to do it and leave it on here as a bit of a 'how-to' tutorial for you guys :)

So you will need....
~A base coat nail varnish
~White/ light grey nail varnish (you can really use any colour you want but I think these make it look more 'newspapery')
~Slips of newspaper big enough to cover your nails
~surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol (you can also use water but it doesn't work quite as well)
~A top coat of nail varnish :D

Start by painting your nails with a base coat wait for that to dry and then apply your white or grey nail varnish and wait until this is completely dry! If you do it while the varnish is still tacky or wet the paper will stick to it.

You next want to dip the strip of paper into the surgical spirit, rubbing alcohol or water so that it is wet.

Take the strip of paper and place it onto your nail pushing down firmly. Roll your finger over the nail to ensure all of the nail will have writing on. Do this for ten seconds and then gently peel the strip away.

You should end up with something like the picture on the top left. If it smudges or sticks, re-paint this nail, wait for it to dry and try again. One you've finished all of your nails they should look something like the picture on the bottom left. Wait for your nails to dry for around five minutes, using a top coat on wet nails may make the ink smudge. Not good.

 Finally once your nails are dry use a top coat to seal it all in place. I decided to use a slightly sparkly one (17's Glitter Top Coat) but a clear one is great too.
  Thank you for reading, hope you have fun recreating this super simple nail design

Lots of Love, Lucy Xx

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