Sunday, 12 August 2012

10 Back To School Beauty Tips :)

So i'm at University in England so I don't have long days and uniform anymore, but I certainly remember when I did so i've come up with ten tips to help keep you looking, smelling and feeling great allll day long :).

oh and p.s. this is gunna be a long article (sorry)

1.Wash your hair the night before!! No one wants to get up super early in the morning but you can save time (and get more precious time in bed) if you wash your hair the night before and then spruce it up in the morning using a dry shampoo such as batiste's dry shampoo. They also do these in travel size so you could take one to school with you! Alternatively you could use an oil absorbing shampoo the night before such as Lush's 'I love juicy' which helps to keep hair oil free for longer.

2. Get a good quality hairspray which will help to keep your style in place all day without smelling bad or making your hair rock hard. I recommend Tresemme's 24 hour body Amplifix hairspray.

3. Get a good deodorant! You want to stay smelling fresh all day so invest in a deodorant that lasts a long time and keeps you un-sweaty. In the mornings before school I recommend Sure's Maximum Protection TRIsolid cream, this stuff seriously gives maximum protection and smells yummy. It costs like £5 a bottle but it's way worth it. You could always then get a spray deo to take in your school bag.

4. Use body spray instead of perfume! Perfume is great but can be pretty pricey. Body spray on the other hand is cheap as chips and can smell great, the bottles are also more durable for carrying around in your bag.

 5. Only wear subtle make up. In my school we weren't allowed to wear any make-up accept in years ten and eleven although that could only be subtle make up so I sort of got used to wearing more neutral make up which looked great but was subtle enough for school.
MUA's single eyeshadows and blushers £1 each, Barry M lipgloss in 11 £4.49, 17 concealer  £3.89,  Collection 2000 eyeliner in Birdy Song £1.99 and 17 va va voom mascara in Brown £6.29.

6. Get a makeup fixing spray. These don't need to be expensive but can hold your make up on for longer (along with using a primer) so you don't get to lunch time looking like a panda or ghost or clown or whatever. A cheaper alternative is to spray just a little hairspray over your face before going out!

7.Take a hairbrush to school. Don't you find that you leave home looking good then you get to school look in the mirror and...well, you may as well have been dragged to school by your ankles. You can get small fold away hair brushes that you can just whip out to fix your hair with. For those with curly or frizzy hair spray some hairspray onto your hand and flatten the frizz down.

8. In most schools in England we have to wear a uniform so add a kick of your own style in your school bag, pencil case, folders and whatever else. Customise bags with ribbons, buttons, beads and badges and look for bags no one else will have (why not look in charity shops and on ebay?). Making a collage on folders is another way to add a personal touch as no one else will have one the same :)

9. Use a clear or nude nail varnish. As much as we all love bright colours and glitter, some nail varnishes aren't appropriate to school (apparently the colour of our nail varnish stops us doing well or something?) so keep it clear or use a sheer pink or beige colour just to make them look pretty.
17 nail Xtras nail recovery and Avon's speeddry+ varnish in ballerina 

and finally! 10. Drink lots of water. I know we hear this all the time but seriously, water can help make your hair and nails stronger, help to stop spots and blemishes, keep your skin hydrated and make you look and feel more awake. Plus it's free so go crazy on the stuff. (but don't drink too much, that's not good for you either).

Hope this has helped you, again sorry it's so long :P

Love from Lucy :) X

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