Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's fun to be cheeky sometimes :D

I seem to be posting like a post man on post tablets today.

I'm a spring chicken to the blogging world in that I only started at the beginning of July although, since then i've gotten far too into it so I thought i'd introduce myself to you. Helloooha, i'm Lucy, i'm 19 years old, I go to University, my favourite colour is blue and my favourite animals are Polar bears :D. This blog (Lucy Loves...) is largely about hair, make-up and fashion all of which I am pretty obsessed with.

 So if you're reading this (thanks btw) and are interested in hair and make up tips, OOTDs, DIY things, advice, reviews and a load of other things, then i'd really appreciate it if you could carry on having a look through my numerous blog posts i've done so far, and if you like, think about following? :) (how cheeky of me!) I will also more than likely follow back.

I try to post as often as I possibly can and try my darn hardest to be interesting and to write blog posts which will be helpful in some way to those who read it although your comments, feedback and constructive criticism is all more than welcome.

By the way, i'm a student on a budget so most of the products I use are high street or drugstore, with just a splash of high-end.

That is all, thank you for reading :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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  1. first follower!!! you really have some potential!!! check out my blog?? i dont have any followers soo yeah!! thanks!