Sunday, 29 July 2012

Latest bracelets :D

I've been buying bracelets...agaiiiiiin. Let's go from top to bottom.
The first bracelet is a double wrap around coral bracelet with gold rounded studs from Accessorize, it was in the sale with 70% off so it was like £3 WOO!

The second one down is a bright pink wrap around with diamant√© s and a button fastening. This was again from Accessorize in the sale and it was like £2.30

The thiiiiird one is a bracelet I got off Ebay. You can choose from a range of bracelets and necklaces, and then choose your lettering and colour and a number of other things. The one which I got was in aqua and it was £1.50!!!!!!!! You can find them by going onto...

The fourth down is an adorable chain bow bracelet from Miss Selfridge. It was £5 for this one. Miss Selfridge have loaaaads of amazing bracelets and they're pretty damn affordable too.

The final bracelet is from Accessorize again and was £4. It's a black thread with a rose gold chain and fastening. :D

That is all :) X

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