Saturday, 27 October 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge

Hey Lovlies!

I'm being a terrible person and have missed out like 3 pictures so that's what I shall be doing today...

Day Two: What You Wore Today

So I was super busy Thursday and forgot to take a picture of what I wore...This is what I wore for a night out, you can't see it very well but it's a bodycon dress with a sheer floor length part with the front section open, which was £15 from Primark. A jewelled belt which was £4 from Primark and my clutch which was many £7 from New Look.

Day Three: Clouds

Red clouds over Worcester

Day Four: Something Green

A green leaf poking out among the red and yellow Autumn leaves

Thanks for reading :) Hope you're having a great weekend so far.

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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