Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lucy Loves... | Random Monthly Favourites


Firstly let me apologise for neglecting my blog a bit these past few days. I have been overwhelmed with Uni work, turns out second year is stupidly harder than first, slightly dreading third year. Anyway, this is a little late but here are my random monthly favourites.

Green Tea- I have a massive love for tea, as you may know and I recently discovered green tea, which is amazing!! Green tea is pretty much black tea which isn't as processed so it has even more antioxidants and all those good things. I especially love the lemon one pictured here, it reminds me of lemon iced tea. Yum!

Peanut Butter- I have alwaaaays loved peanut butter but have recently had a new found love for it. I made some peanut butter cookies using crunchy peanut butter so it had chunks of peanut in it (anyone want a 'how to' for them?) they were very yummy and went in 2 days. So yes, peanut butter is good!

Fluff- How have I never had this before!? It is (according to the tub) an American marshmallow spread. Oh my gosh it is amazing. It doesn't really taste like marshmallows, but does at the same time, it's similar in texture to melted marshmallows. It's this really gloopy strawberry flavoured stuff which is quite frankly amazing. I got it from this little sweet shop in town which sells lots of American sweets, best of all it was only £2.50.


Stud bracelet- This bracelet is from Miss Selfridge and was £1...yes!! £1!!! It had a label on it saying £7 but I was prepared to invest in it because I loved it so much, when it came up on the till as being £1 in the sale I almost hugged the cashier. It's made up (as you can probably see) of white and black spikey studs, then gold pyramid studs. I wear it pretty much everyday.

Rose necklace- This is an antique and it was my nan's, I loved it loads when I was first given it and I wore it all the time. My nan very sadly passed away a few weeks ago and so now this holds tonnes of sentimental value as well. I love the colour of the rose and the chain is actual silver so it doesn't go discoloured, YAY!

Gloves- I saw these in George and just fell in love, They are adorable little owls with pom pom ears. They're the type of gloves which are finger-less but then the top folds down to form mittens. I think that they were £6 which I do not mind at all because they are so damn cute. If you're looking for scarves and gloves I suggest looking in George they have loads of really nice ones. 

Faux Leather Coat- I LOVE my leather coat. There are loads around but I liked this one from Miss Selfridge because it has quilted parts on the shoulders and down the sides. It was around £55 if I remember  rightly which I thought was pretty good. 

Finally, I very stupidly forgot to take a picture of the candle which is in the main picture, on the right. This was from Primark and was a measly £2.50. It is a cupcake scented one and it smells amazing. I was really surprised that the Primark candles were really good and were so cheap. It is also in a white ceramic case which is lovely and I shall re-use it once the candle has all burnt. 

Thank you very much for reading :) I hope you're having a good week so far.

Lots of love, Lucy xx


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