Monday, 22 October 2012

Bits and Bobs Haul

Hellooo there :)

I thought i'd do a bit of a collective haul of the things i've bought in the past 2 weeks or so. There aren't many things this time, I'm sure that there were more but I've completely forgotten what i've been buying! 

George @ Asda

I've bought 2 coats from George recently. I was pleasantly surprised by their clothes, having never really shopped there before. The first is this longer, padded parka. I really wanted one of these which was in Miss Selfridges for £85 but it just seemed a bit too much, this one however was £36 and is so amazingly warm, it's like wearing a duvet. It also has a fur trimmed hood and little leather style toggles to synch in the waist as you choose. 

This is the second of the coats, It's a shorter wax coated parker style coat. It's quite thin so is great for wearing over big jumpers and cardigans. If I remember rightly this was £35 which was pretty reasonable also. This one is navy and has a synched in waist.

Diva @ Miss Selfridge

Last Thursday was 'Student takeover' in my town which was quite an amazing new invention of theirs where we got given goodie bags in places like HMV and Wittards and lots of shops had discounts and were handing out food and shots and things which was all rather amazing. Miss Selfridge were doing a 20% off event and I picked up some jewellery which was already in the sale, and I got the extra 20% off!

I firstly got these rings which was a set of 4 ducks (My boyfriend accidently broke one though he's still adamant the duck just fell off) they were £1.80 with the discount and I love them veeeery much!

These rings and earings were another purchase, there is a set missing which I was wearing today of earings and a ring with a rose on them. These as you can see were£3 in the sale but were £2.40 with my discount.

I also picked up a bit of a statement necklace which had a leather string and silver arrow head style deco, I would have taken a picture but I've left it at Liam's :O


I grabbed this waist belt in Primark to put around a dress I have for a night out which is happening Thursday. This was £4 so not bad at all.

I secondly bought some more of their suede style flats but in navy blue. these were £6!

New Look

The last thing I bought was some studded slippers from NewLook for £17.99, they are however too big so I'll have to go exchange them.

And that is all :) Thank you for reading :) 

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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  1. Lovely rings!

  2. those rings are so cute!!!

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  3. The duck rings are sooo adorable *-*