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Review | Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation

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So this was a pretty requested post for me to do as it seems this foundation is not greatly known, regardless of the fact it's on the Benefit website's 'top sellers' page. I bought my foundation for £24.50 from Boots as a result of running out of my trusty Maybelline BB cream and them not having the 'light' one in stock. I find it pretty much impossible to find a foundation which doesn't make my pale skin go yellow/orange or cakey. Most high street foundations often do this to me so, I thought I'd invest in a high end one after having it applied in store by the Benefit girl and finding it was the perfect shade. Anyway after an essay of an intro read on if you'd like to know my own views on it :)

on the left half (your left) I am wearing the foundation, on the right I have no foundation 

on the left half (your left) I am wearing the foundation, on the right I have no foundation 

The half of my face with the foundation.

The right hand without any foundation

The foundation claims to ...
Have a broad-spectrum SPF 25 PA +++ protection
Oil-free formula
Natural finish
Hydrating benefits
light-diffusing properties
available in 9 shades

Application- I use a Real Techniques buffing brush to apply the foundation. It's quite a runny foundation but not over the top watery, it does have some thickness to it. It applies nicely and blends really well although I like to blend it a little more with my fingers after I've applied it with the brush. The colour of the foundation is the same on my face as it is in the bottle which is different to some high street foundations I've used before. It  isn't particularly matte but instead has more of a dewy finish but it doesn't feel greasy on the skin.

Appearance- The Benefit lady said that it's a light coverage foundation which can be built up to medium, so if you're looking for high coverage this one probably isn't for you. It does however mask any blemishes or redness I have. The shade which I picked up was 'believe in me ivory' which has pink undertones although some have more yellow-ey undertones. I can't say I really notice any light-diffusing particles, but it helps to cover my dark under-eye circles which i'm sure you can see in the pictures so i'm sure there are some in there somewhere. In all, the appearance is of a high quality, it's not super high coverage but like it says it does look pretty natural.

Quality- The quality of the foundation, in my opinion, is pretty good, although the texture does't seem all that different from high street foundations. I can't say I've noticed a smell to it, but on the plus side that must mean it doesn't have a particularly bad one either. It does feel quite moisturising and like I said previously, it seems to sink in pretty quickly and doesn't feel oily on the skin afterwards. The coverage is pretty light and I feel I have to put on quite a bit for it to cover up spots which I hate doing because I quite frankly want it to last forever because of the price of it. It seems to stay on my skin pretty long, I use it along with Benefit's Porefessional primer and for the first time out of any foundation like ever, I wipe a make-up remover wipe over my face at night after wearing it all day, and there is some on the wipe!

All in all, I feel the foundation is pretty good value for money It has a nice appearance, although the only major benefits of it for me is it's staying power and how well it matches my skin tone. The feel and look of it are also really lovely, but i'm sure there may be some high street foundation out there with the same properties. It also claims to plump up skin, protect skin from environmental stresses and prevent against ageing, all of which I can't really comment on because I'm sure you'd have to use it for rather a long time, or wear it in super cold or hot weather to see if it really is doing what it says. 

Recommend? I do recommend it if you have the money and are looking for a lovely long-lasting foundation. 
Rating: 3/5
Repurchase?: Possibly, I would if it were cheaper, so maybe if I get a voucher?

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  1. This looks like it would be a good one for the summer time :) thanks for such a great review!

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