Sunday, 7 October 2012

I Need Your Help!

Hey guys,

So I'm super excited that more people are following me, like stupidly excited. To say thank you I want to do a give away at 100 followers, although I need your help to see what you'd like more. I have made a poll in the sidebar and I would be very appreciative if you could vote, just to give me some idea of what you guys would like. Also if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them, maybe one of the products below? :)

Thanks for reading, and for your help :)

Lots of love, Lucy xx


1 comment:

  1. It's amazing when your blog is growing, I remember when I started blogging, I thought no-one would ever know my blog. I wish you the best luck.

    I am now following your blog lovely, Please check out and follow my blog for support at Thanks a lot for the support, it means a lot ot me.