Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hey guuuuuuys

So I know I keep on about this, but i'm doing a give-away on my blog. It's completely free (as the majority of blog giveaways are) and you have the chance to win a Revlon Lip Butter of your choice and some of my fave MUA goodies.

All you have to do is click HERE to go to the post, scroll down to rafflecopter at the end of the post, click on the options you want to do e.g. following me on GFC, following me on Twitter, writing a blog post about the give-away and following me on bloglovin. Then comment about which shade you'd like to receive if you win. Simple as that.

Thank you for reading and GOOD LUCK! 

Lots of love, Lucy xx


  1. You have a nice blog and I've joined reading it :)

    xoxo Alenija

  2. Hello Lucy loves!!

    I followed you!!
    Good luck on you r giveaway!!

    The Misty Mom