Thursday, 10 January 2013

What Liam got me for my Birthday!

Hey guys :)

so one week and 6 days after Christmas Day (much to my parents annoyance) is my Birthday. And Liam (aka my gorgey bf) spoilt me rotten.

Some things not in the pic are the new girl box set and Sarah Millican DVD, they're at his so we can watch them together.

I'm still like 7years old in my brain and LOVE tangled, so when I opened this 'tangled ever after' book, i just almost cried. He also got me the fun album, I'm a massive fun fan and now I can put their album on my iPad yaaay. The next beaut is a 'wonka selection in a jar' which is quite simply a jar full on wonka sweets there are nerds, nerds and more nerds, giant nerds, nerds on a robe, laafy taffy (yum), shockers, bottle caps, kazoos, gobstoppers, runts, giant sweettartsnand a crap load of other things. I'm a massive sweet fan, like I'd rather have sweets than chocolate anyday (anyone else like that too?) so this is possibly the best present anyone could buy me, except for my 'big present' when I saw it just :O I GOT RAY BANS!!!! They are the Erika make and are cream with a gorgey dark brown to blue lens. I love them sosososososososososososososooooo much and I am just gob smacked that he got them for me!!

So that is what Liam got me (and I love him crap loads) and I will soon be posting what I got off family and friends and also what I got for Christmas.

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday.
Lots of Love, Lucy xxx

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  1. You got some really wonderful gifts, love the raybans. Such a lucky girl :) incase you would like to win some more goodies then im having an international giveaway on my blog featuring goodies from revlon, victorias secret, wet n wild and elf!