Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hey guys :)

so I'm a terrible person I know, my blogging has gone out the window the past month or so and I am so very sorry. I had work every day for like 6 hours and I also had 10,000 (!!!!!!!!) words to do for uni over Christmas (8600 words down, 1400 to go). And it was Christmas obvs, and then on the 7th of January it was my 20th birthday, so between like being super excited and then sad because I'm no longer a teen, it's been peeeeretty crazy. My last two assignments are due in Monday and Tuesday and after that I have until February until uni returns and so for two or so weeks I am all yourssss!

Anyway............. I am planning a 'what I got for Christmas' post a 'what I got for my birthday' post a 'faves of 2012' post and a tonne of reviews of stuff I got, and I wanted to wait to show you my new amazingly amazing toy, but I can't waitttt...and I'm doing this post on it so I can't tell where picture is going to end up but THAT is the box from my new iPad mini :D. I couldn't justify my parents spending like £270 on me so they gave me what they usually spend (£100) and I added the rest with the money I've earnt over crimbo. I love it so very much!

So sorry, slight essay. But that is where I've been/what is coming.

Oh and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year!

Lots of love, Lucy xxx

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