Friday, 25 January 2013

Forever 21 Haul!

hey lovelies.

I wanted to look for some printed leggings and so went over to the Forever 21 website but obviously while I was there ended up spending like another £30 on things I didn't need but fell in love with (oops!!). I hope you enjoy my little hauly. If you want to see a picture of anything being worn/ how I style it, please ask :) I've linked each of the products of similar ones in some cases, below each pic.


I loved this jumper, well I'm a massive jumper fan anyway but most of my other are white or grey or dark blue etc and I thought that this coral one would add a very welcome splash of colour during these colder months and I could then transition it into spring and possibly even cooler summer evenings because the knit is pretty holey. The website states that it's hi-lo but it really isn't, as you can see from my picture. 

Coral Jumper - £16.75

This is a bit boring, but loads of things I own are either slightly sheer or have eyelets in or as in the jumper above, are somewhat see-through. I picked this little vest in nude because I find they are ideal for helping to maintain your modesty without it standing out overly. These come in a million and five colours (slight exaggeration), but it also says that they are the 'last few units'.

I bought these extras to make the price over £50 so that I could get free P&P (any excuse!). Well I had already chosen the little owl necklace and the others came up to about the same price as postage and package and I gathered I'd rather have things like that, than pay for postage. My manicure scissors went missing and so these stainless steal ones are a welcome addition. The little compact mirror is pretty, that's my only explanation really. The adooorable little owl was an instant purchase it's aqua wings and sparkly tummy/eyes and antique gold coloured chain made it love at first sight.

(the exact ones have all gone off the website but a similar one is linked to each) 
Compact mirror - £2.40
Owl Necklace - £4.90

And so onto the leggings. Although being fairly cheap I always find Forever 21 things to be of a pretty good quality. They had loads of patterned leggings but these two pairs caught my eye and I decided that they would go with a range of things in my wardrobe. This first pair are a purple/lilac/pink/green/white combo and so will go with any of those colours really. I can't wait to pair them with boots and jumpers now and then t-shirts and ballet shoes in spring :D.

These ones are black with coral and yellow and purple and green and white...and so again will go with a range of colours. I also like the fact that these are black-based. To me it makes them feel a little less summery. Planning on pairing these with the coral jumper, helloo new outfit!! They also had these in a white-based legging with the coral and yellow colour and another with blue flowers. I really do recommend these, they're fab quality, not see-through in the slightest.

And finally is this black hi-lo ish top (apologies for the crappy pictures). I have this in small but it is pretty baggy, so if you generally prefer a tighter fitted top, i'd suggest sizing down. The front is plain black but the back has this sheer triangular drape type section which makes it much more interesting. This again comes in a few colours.

And that is all. I really lover forever 21, they said on their website orders might arrive late because of adverse weather conditions but nooope, I ordered on the 22nd and they came on the 24th! although I wasn't in and so they delivered them again today. Have any of you guys bought anything from forever 21 recently?

Lots of love, Lucy xxx


  1. i'm a forever 21 addict since i've been to the us the first time. love the stuff you picked up. the bright jumper is my favourite.

  2. I absolutely love that coral jumper! I'm going over to the website now for a look. How slow am I that I didn't realise they had a website!
    I've just discovered you blog and am loving it so far :)
    Chloe xx

    1. Neither did I for ages, I just knew thay had a shop in Birmingham lol. Thank you :)


  3. I love that bright knit jumper! So cosy and so pretty :) xxx