Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MY 20th, presents, cake and OOTNs

Hey guys :D

Sooooo last Monday was my 20th Birthday and I had a lovely day staying at home with my family and then going out with Liam in the evening for a meal and movie (Life of Pi is AMAZING). I also had a load of lovely presents of family, family friends, and my besties. Cue the pic...

I am a Soap and Glory addict like 90% of the female population and so was rather excited when I opened this off my uncle. It came in a rather large zippy bag (bottom left) and contained a load of goodies. My godmother bought me the Beyonce heat perfume set which is actually really lovely.

A family friend bought this models own bag to our house one day, I tried peeking on numerous occasions but she's sellotaped it all up. I'm still excited looking at it now because I've never really paid much attention to anything modelsown except for nailvarnish and my eyelash curlers but this little bag of goodies contained a nail file, nail clippers, super pigmented eyeshadow powder thingys, a lipgloss, liquid eyeliner, nail art pen, lip liner, eye liner, 2 nail varnishes, a lipbalm and eye shadow applicators. HECK YES! I can't wait to try them all out now that these pics have been taken.  I also got a beautiful Cath Kidson wash bag which has been used many times already.

My cake was a very yummy tatty ted cake which I blew out and then re-lit to take this picture. My main present and also presents from my bro, aunties, uncles, cousins, gran, friends, family friends etc was money which alllll went to buy my ipad screenshoted right there ^^^. I am so thankful and love them all very much. 

These are all presents off my bestests which came in a very lovely princess/castle bag. They bought me three pairs of socks (two not in this pic) a lovely frame with a picture of the five of us in and a realll lovely Pandora charm. We always put either 10-20 pounds each depending on the age and buy a group present which results in amazing presents like these! And if they ever read this... LOVE YOU ASHY, SOPH, HAN AND AB!

I had two nights out. One was my offish Bday night out in which I wore the bottom left dress and amazingly sparkly shoes, and the second was a Saturday which usually equals mega high entrance fee of like £10 and extra expensive drinks prices, however our main club sends out 'free entry and Q-jump' tickets on your Birthday to use on a Saturday and so it had to be done! 
The dress in the top left picture is from Miss Selfridge and was in the region of £35-£40.
The bottom left dress was from House of Fraser in the sale for £22
And the AMAZING shoes were from New Look for £6!! I KNOW. I love them! 

Thanks for reading guys. I feel I've been mainly showing you presents recently and talking about Christmas, which is 11 months and 10 days away btw (EEK) but not to fear, my constant assignment writing and like 10500 words have all been handed in YAAAAAAAAY, and so I shall be reviewing many things in the coming few weeks and also hopefully doing some hauls and OOTD/Ns.

Lots of love, Lucy xxx


  1. Happy Birthday! I am jealous of your Soap and Glory set. As for ModelsOwn, I adore their volumising 'big brush' mascara - it's just fabulous! You look gorgeous, and those shoes are a steal. £6?! Wow!
    Mia x

    1. Thankyou :)
      I think I'm going to venture into more of the Models Own things now, their eye shadows seem really good.