Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Benefit skincare review

Why hi there guys,

I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday and I thought today I'd do a bit of a benefit skincare review for all you lovelies. I had these as a Christmas Present and they are super lovely. Benefit's skincare range is less talked about than their make-up. In general they smell really nice I can't tell you what it is, I'm really bad at picking out notes in smells but it's light and florally.

This is the Let There Be Bright set I've already talked about the pore fessional primer in a number of posts so I'll concentrate mainly on the moisturisers and eye creams today :)

The first think is this 'Triple performing facial emulsion' which claims to protect, hydrate and comfort. It's a really thin sheer liquid which is oil free, I reckon this would be good for use in the summer when you don't want anything overly heavy. It soaks in really well and gives the skin a smooth feel. I have dry skin and usuauly use a pretty intense moisturiser but this smells so amazing I wanted to use it, it also says it has a 'tri-radiance' complex which helps to capture water and keep it on the skin's surface. I thought it would be pretty good at moisturising but after a week I was getting dry patches which went when I went back to using my usual one. So I guess this isn't quite moisturising enough for me :(  I will still use it though do not worry :L. I thoroughly recommend this for those of you with oily skin. It retails for £19.50 so not all that bad for the price either.  

I LOVE this stuff!
The It's Potent eye cream claims to help fade dark circles and smooth fine lines. Both me and mum suffer from dark circles and the benefit lady told us it takes around two weeks to start seeing a difference, mum used a small tester size for around a month and her dark circles faded quite a bit. It contains lots of fruit extracts and different things which do different things (I know, my explanations are rather amazing). It seems to be less fragranced for the eye area which I like and is somewhat peach in colour which helps those dark circles. Overall, recommend for anyone and everyone and their mums, aunties, grans, nans, sisters, daughters, nieces...dads?

This stuff is lovely, I just wish it was in a bigger jar, I may have to invest, but for £26.50 I'm not sure if my pockets will allow me. This is a much thicker consistency than the face emulsion, think night cream/a little thinner than body butter, and is for 'normal to dry skin' which is meee! It has the same tri-radiance complex thingy and also had mango butter in it.  It smells luuuurvely! But I'm not sure I can justify spending that much. 

Overall I am pleasantly surprised by the benefit skincare range and really want to try other things like their face wash and spot treatment. All range from sort of £10 for a set of samples to £26.50 for the total moisture cream. I do suggest having a look though, it feels very luxurious and looks it with amazingly pretty glass bottles and cork-style lids. I would say, as far as I can see with these, you do pay for what you get, especially with the eye cream I know of many very expensive eye-creams which either do the same or less. They do obviously do sample sizes. so if you're interested but a little apprehensive I do suggest picking up some of those. For example THIS set :)

So thank you very much for reading guys and I hope this post has been somewhat helpful or interesting. Have you ever tried any of the Benefit skincare range or would you like to?

Love from Lucy xx 

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