Friday, 18 January 2013

A Picture An Hour 17/01/13

Why hello there guys!

Soooo Yesterday was a pretty 'do nothing' day but I decided to do something which I have seen floating around the blogosphere and that is taking a picture every hour from When I wake up until bed time. This isn't super exciting because nothing that extraodinary happened, but it's a sort of, follow me around for a day thing and it took rather a lot of 'OOH AN HOURS GONE, PICTURE TIME' and editing and whatever else and so I hope you guys like it...

I had a lie-in and woke up to this lovely view, a very gross Worcester sky.

What to weaaaaaar!?

Ready for town, dressed up SUPER warm, it's minus weather outside!

A fire in the cute little cafe/resturant in town.

Finished eating a delish ham, egg and chips meal and a cross-eyes looking Liam.

 On the way to TKMaxx. A dull looking back-ish street.

Bagssss (haul coming soon) and a foot pop.

Watching Miranda back at Liams. I love this show sooooo much!

Junk food eating snuggled up under the duvet.

Catching up with YouTube vids!

Heading back home past a misty looking Worcester Cathedral.

It's snowing pretty crazyish outside!

PJs and day old make up!

Reading blogs and drinking tea, aka the usual!

Readinng my new book by Miranda Hart (duh) and blogging this! (btw what do you think of my new banner? I'm not too sure)

And it is currently 5 to one and so I'm off to bed (after Big Bang Theory). I really enjoyed doing this and am thinking about doing one more often, maybs one a week? I'd love to hear your guys' opinions :)

Have a lovely Friday!

Lots of love, Lucy xx

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