Thursday, 26 July 2012


This is for certain my favourite mascara of the year so far. 'Lash Modelling' by BarryM is a really great mascara . The brush is of course what makes it so good. The bristles around the brush are of varying lengths which really separate lashes with the shorter ones on one half piling on the mascara and the other half brushing through lashes to stop them getting clumpy. I got this one from Boots for £6.19

Second fave is 'VA VA VOOM' this 17 mascara really does add loads of volume to lashes making them look more dramatic. The brush is pretty thick and piles on mascara which can leave them pretty clumpy but if you use an eyelash comb or a different mascara over the top it's an absolutely amazing mascara. This is again from Boots at around £5 

My third favourite is 'Wild curls mascara' from 17. This has a small brush with thin short bristles which really do help to curl lashes. I have this in the shade 'blackest black' and it stays for ages on my lashes without cracking or smudging or any of the annoying other things mascaras sometimes do. I got this for £1 with a voucher from Boots, but it believe it's usually around the £5 mark.

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