Sunday, 3 February 2013

Coca-cola and WWF

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This is a little bit of a random and different post to usual, but if you know me at all you will know I freaking love polar bears! So when the Coca-cola advert popped up onto the TV talking about their campaign/teaming with WWF to help against climate change, I was all ears.

Coca-cola and polar bears go hand in hand, I'm not sure where it all started but there have been numerous adverts and such things with polar bears in and as they are such a massive world wide company, it is 'nice' of them to be helping conserve the icebergylands. The website they tell you to go to ( asks you to share their campaign on Facebook, I never really get this. I mean if it means more people will donate, then fair enough, but people usually just like and share random things which quite frankly, does absolutely nothing. They have however gone a bit 'above and beyond' with the whole facebook share thing, giving people free use of facebook profile and cover pictures which promote the cause.

They have a 'learn more' page which is pretty useful, talking about polar bears, global warming, WWF etc etc, it also states that WWF and Coca-cola have been in in partnership for a few years? They claim they are going to cut their emissions, conserve water and so on but their main thing seems to be promoting and raising awareness.

One thing I do love about this whole thing is that Coca-cola are giving 1 million Euros (about £800,000) to WWF once a year for three years. They say how people's donated money will help...what it can buy, aka the usual.

It's lovely to hear of a massive company doing something pretty big for a charity, although i'm sure the 3 million Euros (about 2.6 million pounds) will be a mere dent in Coca-colas mahooosive wallet, but is immensely helpful none the less. Everyone and their dog and their dogs dog and their mums know about climate change, but I like that they're hitting it from the "Polar bear's home is melting" angle instead of the "rising sea levels/freak weather/how it will affect us" angle.

Overall, I'm impressed. 

Nice one, Cola :)


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  1. Ahhh love this! I think taking a different strategy will work netter. Wish they would start on something for pandas too.